Albert Camus

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

a fighting chance - Ballad (Rockstar #5) by Anne Mercier

She walked on the bus and my heart stopped beating. When she looked my way with that sassy smile, it came back to life.
He keeps watching me. I can't help but look back. He's gorgeous: tall, messy dark hair, and those intensely blue eyes captivating me.

being murdered was easy -Lost Reaper by Shelley Russell Nolan

For twenty-five year old Tyler Morgan, being murdered was easy. Easy in comparison with working for the Grim Reaper.
Jonathon Grimm may have brought her back from the dead in exchange for working as a reaper for her hometown, Easton, but she has to find his lost reaper before she can enjoy her second chance at life.

a knock on the door - Mosquito Chase (Love Bug, #4) by Jaycee Ford

Caleb Harris devotes his life to serve and protect his small North Carolina town, but once the badge comes off, he does little to protect the hearts of women. Everything he thought he knew about crime and women is tested when a knock on the door brings him face to face with the last person he ever wanted to see.

Mayhem is about to visit Löthia.- Elementals: The Complete Season One by S.G. Basu

Recommended Age: 15
Löthia is at peace–after a millennium of genetic tinkering, Löthians’ power over the elements has been obliterated. The Elemental Wars that have plagued their civilization from the beginning of time is now distant history.

Onyx Unleashed (Good vs. Evil Series Book 1) by Tanya Vought

Eden Cross is lonely. If she didn’t have her beloved cat, Onyx, she’d have no one at all. Eden longs for companionship, but, being a prisoner, all she gets is foul-mouthed demons and hatred from the one man she wants respect from the most.

Colin's Quest (MacLarens of Boundary Mountain #1) by Shirleen Davies

For An Undying Love…
Time Has No Effect…
And Enemies Hold No Power.

they'd like nothing more than to see me dead - The Maurin Kincaide Series by Rachel Rawlings

I'm Maurin Kincaide, a psychometric, and until a few days ago I was working for Salem's Preternatural Task Force as an interrogator. 
Now, I'm the Special Liaison for the Council, the governing body of the Others, and I take my orders from witches, werewolves and vampires

Easier Said Than Outrun - Meritropolis (Meritropolis #1) by Joel Ohman

In Meritropolis everyone is assigned a numerical Score that decides their worth to society and whether they live or die. After a young boy is killed because of a low Score, his brother plots to take down the System.

he’s making it hard to say no - Hustle by Ashley Claudy

College was supposed to be Brook’s chance to escape the rumors and the harassment that plagued her at home, but she hadn’t planned on meeting Andrew Fayden.

a terrible darkness - Steamborn (Steamborn #1) by Eric Asher

Jacob, a tinker’s apprentice and sometime thief, has lived his entire life in the mountain city of Ancora, protected by the city walls. These towering barriers keep the Deadlands creatures at bay, but the monsters move higher into the peaks every year. 

LOVE…sometimes it’s dangerous. - The Lover's Surrender (No Exceptions #4) by J.C. Reed

LOVE…sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s bad. And sometimes it’s dangerous.
In a world where truth shatters and danger is closing in on them, where love is their only sanctuary, will they be able to find each other or is it time to let each other go?

The surprises keep coming - Loving the Czar by Olivia Gaines

It's kinda like Mr. & Mrs Smith... gone horribly wrong
I love this series. It is a romantic action adventure serial filled with zany characters which make you laugh out loud. It is hard hitting with a very serious under tone on human trafficking. 
The human trafficking element is a reminder to us all to never get too comfortable in a foreign land.

Adelaide: Bride of Maryland (American Mail-Order Bride #7) by Ciara Knigh

American Mail-Order Bride - 45 of your favorite Western historical authors have written 50 connected books, each set in a different state.
Escaping an arranged marriage to a cruel man, Adelaide Baker flees west to marry a total stranger as a mail order bride.

keep her safe - Finding Us (A Nucci Securities Novel) by Debra Presley

 -“Oh, that’s so good to hear because you know the rumors are flying that he was seen in a very compromising position with a young woman with bright red hair. But I’m glad you think things are good.” She smiled at Abby with a wicked little smirk. Abby knew exactly who she was talking about but she also knew they were just friends. Kelly had introduced Abby to Sean. There was no way anything romantic was going on between them."

Everyone needs a hero. - Anarchy Found (Anarchy Found) by JA Huss

Cover Reveal - [I]’m not the hero she’s looking for.
I’m the dark alley where all her good intentions hide.
So be careful what you wish for, Molly Masters.
Because you’re about to get it.

Desperation makes a girl do crazy things… - My Sweet Demise (The Demise Series #1) by Shana Vanterpool

Cover Reveal - When twenty-one year old Raina O’Connor is kicked out of her room on short notice, she’s thrown into a frantic search for a new place to stay. As the situation becomes more urgent, her choices have dwindled to her least favorite option—ladies’ man, Kent Nicholson.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The last thing I thought I would ever want - Talon (Ashes & Embers, #4) by Carian Cole

18+ I have never been lucky in love. This was my chance to find my soulmate.
I couldn’t wait to meet the man the experts felt was perfect for me.
My hopes were immediately dashed when I saw him at the altar.
Shit. I married my worst nightmare.

LUST: Book Two of the Shadow-Keepers Series by Jas T. Ward

McKenzie Miller had never needed anyone. Not since she lost both her parents to a crime of passion at a young age. Shuffled from foster home to foster home, Kenzie finally took control of her own life and lived on the streets.

There can only be one outcome - Pandemonium (MC Sinners Next Generation #1) by Bella Jewel

Daughter to a ferocious and strong MC President, I know what protection feels like. 
Until one night changes everything - and not a single person in the world can protect me from it, not even my dad. 
Suffocating. Alone. Desperate.

Demons that can’t be killed by swords and guns - The Golem of Solomon's Way (Magic & Machinery #3) by Jon Messenger

Callifax has always been a bastion for Inquisitor Simon Whitlock—the walled city a barrier against the chaos of the magical world. After the physical and emotional pain of his last few mission, safety is all he desires.

someone changes the rules - Cold in the Shadows (Cold Justice #5) by Toni Anderson

Cold In The Shadows is the fifth book in the bestselling, award-winning COLD JUSTICE SERIES by Toni Anderson. 
CIA Officer Patrick Killion is on a secret mission to hunt down the ruthless female assassin hired to kill the Vice President of the United States.

He saw an opportunity - The Santa Claus Man by Alex Palmer

The Rise and Fall of a Jazz Age Con Man and the Invention of Christmas in New York
It tells the history of Christmas in America through the true-crime tale of a Jazz Age hustler who founded an organization to answer children's Santa letters -- and fuel his own dark dreams. Palmer curated an exhibit about this Santa Claus Association for Brooklyn's City Reliquary Museum, earning attention from the Village Voice, Time Out New York, and inspiring a memorable segment on WNYC

Fate was a fickle bitch - Hell in Heels by Alicia Dawn & Hope Daniels

Cover Reveal - Fate was a fickle bitch. Or at least that’s how Zoey Morgan saw it. As a witch old enough to know better, yet too sexy for any man to resist, she was tired of running. From her past. From the pain. But especially from her worst nightmare. Not being able to save her family from the clutches of a great evil.

all hope is taken from her - Bleizgeist by Hazel Butler

Cover Reveal - Marked by magic she cannot control, Marishka is an outcast. Alone and starving she is plagued by geiste, the unconscious minds of the people of Ingary, roaming the wilderness as they sleep. Attracted to the gramarye in Marishka’s blood, the geiste give her no rest.

a piece of their heart - This Beautiful Escape #1 & #2

All proceeds will be donated to Ataxia Canada.
If you would like to learn more about Ataxia and what Ataxia Canada does click HERE
This Beautiful Escape - Volume #1 & #2

Monday, November 23, 2015

RO - Inscrieri Hop Cadouri de Craciun, editia a 2-a

Pentru că ediția de anul trecut a acestui HOP a fost un succes, am hotărât să-l organizăm și anul acesta. Știm că foarte multe bloguri organizează concursuri cu ocazia sărbatorilor de iarnă și ne-am gândit să le strângem pe toate într-unul singur, intitulat „CADOURI DE CRĂCIUN”. HOP-ul este o modalitate excelentă de a promova autori, edituri, librării, cărți preferate și de a ne mări numărul de vizitatori ajutându-ne unul pe celălalt. 


1. HOP-ul începe pe 6 decembrie la ora 00.00 și se încheie pe 25 decembrie la ora 24.00. Toate concursurile trebuie publicate până la data începerii. (Este de preferat să le postați în seara de 5 decembrie. Dacă folosiți Rafflecopter, programați-l să se încheie pe data de 26 decembrie la ora 00.00.). Blogurile care nu au postat pana pe 6 decembrie la ora 12.00, vor fi excluse din listă.

2. Bannerul „Cadouri de Crăciun Hop” trebuie să fie inclus în postarea de concurs.

3. Includeți lista de bloguri participante la sfârșitul postării de concurs SAU faceți trimitere cu link la LOC VIZIBIL în interiorul postării către postarea organizatorului. (toate informațiile necesare vor fi trimise de către organizatori prin e-mail, fiecărui blog participant).

4. Fiecare blog trebuie să organizeze un concurs special pentru acest HOP. Blogul participant este direct responsabil de organizarea și desfășurarea propriului concurs, precum si de alegerea câștigătorului și trimiterea premiului.

5. Premiul concursului trebuie să fie o carte sau un alt obiect legat de cărți (semne de carte, etc.). Puteți folosi cărți oferite de edituri, de librăriile online, de autorii preferați (români sau nu), cărți noi, cărți personale sau orice altceva doriți să oferiți drept premiu.

6. Blogul participant trebuie să specifice categoria de vârstă în care se încadrează premiul (Nu oferiți copiilor cărți pentru adulți).

7. Autorii sunt bineveniți.
Răspândirea veștii despre acest concurs este încurajată și apreciată.

could love still exist? - A Very Wellington Christmas by Annalisa Nicole

Quinn Landry loves the holidays, particularly Christmas. It’s her favorite time of year. She loves her family and especially loves being a part of the Wellington family. Family isn’t just a word to the Wellington’s…it’s everything.

the fire dragon has been awakened - The Phoenix Born (A Dance of Dragons #3) by Kaitlyn Davis

As the shadow grows more aggressive, Jinji and Rhen fight to find the rest of the dragon riders. But with time running out, they are forced to face the impossible decision between honor and love. Alliances are formed, promises are broken, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance…

Before the Dawn (The Ending #4) by Lindsey Fairleigh & Lindsey Pogue

A year ago, strange things started happening to those who survived. Some of them transformed into something dark and sinister, while others evolved, becoming something more, something beyond human.

Picking up the pieces - Out of Chances (Face the Music #4) by Shona Husk

Shona Husk’s sexy new adult series about emerging rock band Selling the Sun concludes this month with a story about a woman who doesn’t want to connect, a man who’s forgotten how and the friendships that save our lives.

too late to back out - Soulshifter by Barbara Pietron

Sixteen-year-old Jack Ironwood knew exactly what he wanted. Until he got it. Jack was content to stay unnoticed by pretty and popular track-star, Natalie Segetich, until her best friend Emma disappears.

hard to choose between right and wrong - Escaping Parker by F.T. Zele

Clarissa never thought at age twenty-six she would be fearing for her life. Everything was going just as she had planned until her husband started showing a side of him he never let on. Failed attempts at leaving has left her fighting for her life. Literally. She knows she has to figure out a plan to free her from his tight grip, but it’s harder than one could imagine.

Space Cadets by Laurence Moroney

After conflicts in Korea, Pakistan and the Middle East turned nuclear, the world stood on the eve of destruction. Realizing that we only have this one precious planet containing all of humanity, the United Nations pulled us back from the brink, and started a new, multinational effort to conquer space.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

neither of us are willing to walk away - Stirred by Nancy S. Thompson

18++ I’m Eden MacLaird, and Fate screwed me good at the age of twenty-one, stole my first love, then my first child. Twenty years later, I still haven't found my happily-ever-after. Sure, from the outside, I have it all, including Declan, my gorgeous, rich-as-sin husband. But things aren't what they seem, and catching Declan in bed with my best friend destroys any dreams I harbor for love, much less sexual fulfillment. 

Sharing pieces of themselves - Tortured Past (The Pub Series #2) by Nicole De La Cruz

18+ "This was one of those books I just could not put down. There are twists and turns all throughout the story and you go through some huge emotional jumps all the way to the end. [...] This author's writing is really developing and changing compared to the last book which shows her skill in being able to diversify. This isn't your simple love story - it's so much more than that. - Goodreads, Jennilea Christine

Kids Moments - Africa's "Big Five" Wild Animals (My First Travel Book #4) by Anna Othitis

Recommended Ages: 3 to 9
Illustrator: Cecelia Morgan

"Africa's 'Big Five' Wild Animals" is the fourth book in the "My First Travel" book series by Anna Othitis.
"This would make a great present to give a child at any time of the year and is sure to give them hours of entertainment and get those minds thinking and asking questions which can lead to further exploration!! " ~ MikiHope, Amazon

Kides Moments - The Chronicles of the Stone by Fiona Ingram

Recommended Age: 10+
"Author Fiona Ingram mixes history and legends in this fast action adventure that keeps you reading till the very end. The characters are cleverly written. Young readers can easily step into the shoes of these two cousins and experienced this exciting adventure that takes you into the heart of Egypt. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery..." ~ 5-Star review from Coffee Ramblings "Billy", Amazon (US)

Finn's Rocket: A Surfer Catches Air (Finn's Fast Books #3) by Serena Schreiber

Recommended Ages: 7 to 12
Finn's Ship: "The story blends Finn's American upbringing with his German heritage, acquainting the reader with the many similarities and differences in food, culture, language, transportation and family values." ~ Candy 613, Amazon

Saturday, November 21, 2015

the worst is yet to come …- Bloodcraft (Bloodspell #2) by Amalie Howard

All magic has its price, and no one knows that better than Victoria Warrick. Gifted with a centuries-old blood curse, Tori has finally learned to master her blood’s demands and has emerged triumphant with Christian Devereux, a vampire overlord, at her side.