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Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

First, he steals her mind - Amnesia (Centrifuge Duet #1) by Kylie Hillman

18+ "The plot was different and interesting. [...] I am baffled at how it ended and am wondering if their will be more! My guess is not, but dang this book was great!
Overall, this book was amazing! It leaves you craving for more and even slightly confused. The author did an amazing job at keeping us confused but also keeping us in the story and craving for more!!!"
- 2OCC, Goodreads

Death, Grief, Bereavement - Nowhere Is Home ... Since You Left by Madeleine Zeldin

When her beloved soul friend husband, Gerald, passed away a few years ago, and her friends and sons moved to distant cities, she found herself alone for the first time in her life.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

fate has other plans - The Trainee Undercover by Brenda Shaw

"This is a truly fantastic adventure thriller which keeps the reader on the edge of their seats. Packed with murder, mystery, and intrigue this story is one that you just cannot put down." - Susan, Goodreads

To the Breaking Point… Maski: Broken But Not Dead by Joylene Nowell Butler

"This is a novel that is as complex in its plot as it is in its character development. Much is kept uncertain by the clever use of an unreliable narrator. The reader is led along false routes and into dead ends. Relationships develop over the course of the story as it examines the nature of friendship, marriage, parenthood and familial ties. There is illuminating insight into the concerns and nature of powerful politicians, which struck me as remarkably intuitive. " - about Motowak - Stuart, Goodreads

Join the smart, relentless, and short-fused FBI Special Agent - The Watson Girl (Tess Winnett Series #2) by Leslie Wolfe

"This is a dangerous journey filled with twists and turns. It is wrought with tension, false leads, doubts and more. We also get to look into the mind of a killer and it is a scary place to go. I highly recommend The Watson Girl to anyone that loves thrillers but you won't necessarily want to read it after dark." - Diane, Goodreads

Revenge might be cold... but... -Dirty Little Secrets (Likely Story #2) by A.J. Nuest

"AJ Nuest’s lastest book DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS is a scorcher! I was given an advanced ARC of this book from Netgalley and boy-oh-boy am I glad I was! Characters that jump off the page; dialogue that’s quick and witty; sensual scenes that are hot enough to burn. All these things are wrapped up in the pages of this book." - Peggy, Goodreads

Romance, deception, murder... The Devil's Gift by Laura Landon

"A fast paced story full of intrigue and mystery, a well thought out plot that keeps you glued to the pages, [...] I loved it and believe me you will love the outcome. 
Laura Landon keeps the intrigue and suspense in every page, you will not be disappointed!" - Maria, Goodreads

full of mystery and adventure - Bigfoot: Mysterious Monsters by David Michael Slater

Along the way, they'll have to deal with meddling babysitters, suspicious psychics, a YouTube disaster, and their furious father. To solve this mystery, Maddie, Max, and Theo must rethink what's possible — and make lots of peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

a double life in the small town - Path of Thieves by Sunniva Dee

"The storyline was really captivating, reading about this young boy, trapped by his manipulative father, broken by all the lies about his family. What about for once searching for the light instead of the dark? How to finally let someone love you, to give and take? To feel like you belong to someone, not being used like a means to an end?" - Aaly, Goodreads

Tales from Harborsmouth (Ivy Granger Psychic Detective, #0.5, #1.5, #2.5, #5.5) by E.J. Stevens

"The format enables a taster of the author’s style and content, and the individual stories are excellent and stand alone well even without having read the main novels for context. [...]
There is nothing here I would change or improve on. I’m just thrilled to be able to add another writer to my favourites pile; and there are nine full novels in the series (not counting this collection), so that should keep me going for a while! " - Steph, Goodreads

pursuing danger comes at a high price - Luca (Ruin & Revenge #2) by Sarah Castille

18++An ­engrossing erotic crime drama that will leave readers wanting more.” – Library Journal
With sizzlig love scenes, taut plotting, and a hair-raising finish, Castille’s romantic thriller will appeal to her existing fans and win her new ones.” – Publishers Weekly Starred Review 

Her passion is her greatest weakness. - Reach for You (The Dark Heart #3) by Pat Esden

"This was well written and very much anticipated. [...]
Pat Esden gave me a read that I will love to read again. The entire series now available will be one that I start with one book one day then move on to the next book the next day. I would read this again." - The Book JunkieReads, Goodreads

Monday, June 26, 2017

What if the fate of the world lies with the monster—not the hero? Monsters Among Us ( #3) by Amanda Strong

"The story then takes us on a rollercoaster full of suspense, romance, mystery and the discovery of an interesting new species; part human, part dragonfly! This is not your average supernatural/fantasy book; where if you have read some you have read most of them. This book puts an interesting spin on our favorite fantasy creatures. " - Crazy BookWarm99, Goodreads

The best-kept secrets in 2041 - Fracture Point by Jeff Altabef

"Fracture Point hits all the buttons for a heart pumping, blood boiling, terrorizing suspense thriller that smacks of realism, with big business and the 1% taking everything and leaving nothing for the 99% struggling to survive."- Sherry, Goodreads

high value targets - The Freedom Broker (Thea Paris #1) by K.J. Howe

a “Dark Delight.” - TIME Magazine called the book 
“Razor sharp and full of you-are-there authenticity—a superb thriller.” - #1 NYT Bestseller Lee Child
“Breathless action, great characters, and convincing details make Howe’s debut a surefire rocket to the top of the lists.” - NYT Bestseller Linwood Barclay 

the kind of outlaw a girl would like to meet - Not Through Loving You (Love Heals All #3) by Patricia Preston

"Overall, Ms. Preston has delivered a marvelous enemy to lovers story in this book where Aaron and Lia have plenty of chemistry and where the story weaved the promise of love, family and happiness for the main characters, if they can overcome the challenges they face. "- Bec, Goodreads

So, what’s a girl to do? - Scala (Angelbound Origins #2) by Christina Bauer

"The very best part of these books is, of course, the romance. Unnecessary romantic drama isn’t something Bauer does and I admire her greatly for it. [...] I will conclude with this: I adore this series. Even with a somewhat inferior second book, it’s definitely worth your time. " - Maja, Goodreads

economics, government... Government 2.0 by Joseph Gorski

"The author proposes that we’re at the very point in time when radical change can come about. For those who think government and huge financial institutions are indeed too big to fail or jail, he reminds us that slavery had gone on for a very long time before it ended and that women’s rights lagged for centuries before that wrong was righted." - USR, Goodreads

Evernight Publishing Romance

18+ Evernight has been publishing romance since 2010. We are not a vanity publisher. You never pay to have your book published with us. Upon final acceptance, your book will be edited, assigned an ISBN, and one of our cover artists will create an eye-catching cover. - see more here

Sunday, June 25, 2017

the discovery of polio vaccine - Polio and Me by Ken Dalton

"This one was not a mystery but a true adventure. A real life adventure, one that Ken lived. Here he was able to take us to a time in life that hardships had to be overcome with grit and determination. I imagine he meant to share his experiences of polio so we could learn from it. And yes, I did." - Lennore, Goodreads

dangerous missions - Immortal Love series by Anna Santos

18+ "Absolutely loved this story!!!! It was phenomenal! I was drawn into it from the very beginning. [...]
I loved the way that things developed. It keeps you glued to the pages but nothing feels drawn out, or takes too long." - Lexee, Goodreads

the danger looms ever closer - The Aeon Star by Lauren T. Hart

"It was a great read and not the same old thing that it seems like every author is trying to write about these days. I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author."- Tracy, Goodreads

Luckily, he’s much smarter than she is - Working With It by Cass Alexander

" Once again, Cass Alexander uses humor, attitude and snark to deal with some of life’s tougher moments, making them equally endearing and entertaining. No, no, human hearts will NOT be sacrificed for our reading pleasure, what could be a completely heartbreaking tale of guilt and pain will become a journey to freedom, growth and love! And did I mention HUMOR? The trip into Morgan's brain is priceless!" - Dianne, Goodreads

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket by F. Stone

"What a thrill a minute ride this book takes you on. The characters are futuristic and totally awesome. [...]
I found this to be a creative and unique storyline that kept me intrigued and on pins and needles." - Vicki, Goodreads

Dark, cunning and beautiful - Mestlven: A Tale from Perilisc by Jesse Teller

"What would it take for YOU to leave your humanity behind to exact revenge? How far would YOU go to feel vindicated? Could you be as thorough as Sob? Would you risk your soul to avenge the person you once were? It takes a talented author to turn a crazed monster into a sympathetic being and I felt Sob's pain and understood her actions." - Dianne, Goodreads

sometimes they find much more…Seducing Mr. Sykes (Cotswold Confidential #2) by Maggie Robinson

"What an absolutely fun introduction to a new to me author and series. Romance, comedy, and charm come through loud and clear in this thoroughly delightful addition to the Cotswold Confidential series. This is definitely a series I will be following." - Amy, Goodreads

it had to be done - Running Hot (Hell Ryders MC #2) by J.L. Sheppard

18++ "Strong and slow building storyline, Running Hot was a great MC read. [...]
This is definitely a friends to lover story with a slow building romance and enough heat to ignite the pages. " - Beth, Goodreads