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Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: What if your choices had eternal ramification? - Deceived (Soul Keeper #1) by L.A. Starkey

They say a soul is the immaterial essence, the animating principle, the actuating cause of an individual life.
But what if you had to share yours with the one person you hated the most?
The soul mate principle states that for every one soul there is another that will recognize its match, hence creating the perfect union.
But what if you had two soul mates, which would you choose? 
What if your choices had eternal ramification?

Ward Against Disaster (Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer #3) by Melanie Card

Except nothing seemed complicated right at that moment. Not even the soldiers searching for them on the other side of the door. The heat from her body radiated into his, her gaze held him, invited him. Everything about her expression said she felt it, too. A breath hung between their lips. That was all. A fraction closer and he could show her how he felt. Goddess, he wanted to show her. Needed to show her.

"Here is our story." - Beautifully Insightful by K.C. Lynn

18+ "This is the first time I’ve read anything from this author but it definitely won’t be my last because I completely loved this book. Beautifully Insightful is a suspenseful second chance love story with just the right amount of angst, plus I loved both main characters. Ryder Jameson is a perfect alpha male who’s also an amazing dirty talker, and Emily is truly a remarkable heroine."- Goodreads

The secret to power lies in the blood - Blood Monarch (The Dragon Hunters # 6) by Drako

“Yep, you’re just being a bitch. That’s what you wanted to say.” Vlad smirked. “Face it, you’ve got to make the move now. Even soul mates don’t wait forever. The gods never said soul mates have to end up together or that they can’t love someone else. Look at your patron.”

A hideous, angry beast was his curse - Beasty series by Tyffani Clark Kemp

18+ "This is a beautiful take on The Beauty and the Beast, I fell in love with this story and would recommend it to anyone over 18. I think I have just found yet another author to stalk, Tyffani Clark Kemp reeled me in as quick as a wink and I was hooked forever. Yep, the story is just that good!" - Goodreads

When you’re not the first, but the last - Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers #2) by Jamie McGuire

“I live in Midtown,” I said, wondering if I would see my neighbor again.
She grinned. “Me, too. A lot of us do. We can drown your sorrows together.”
“I don’t have sorrows. Just memories. They’ll go away on their own.”

Mind, body and soul - The Reclamation (The Club #2) by Lauren Rowe

18++ "Ok...trying to type through the tears right now...wooo...that was rough, beautifully written, just rips your heart out cuts it up and then pours that acid spit from Alien on it. No, really, emotionally you get hit by a train and it just doesn't stop. But honestly I have to say that #2 is better than the first one. She set a bar with how amazing part one was and just knocked it out of the stratosphere this time." - Goodreads

Hiding secrets big enough to destroy them - Little Wolf by Amélie S. Duncan

18++ "This book was such a great read. I loved the intensity behind Tala and Adrian’s story, the way they both needed each other to heal. And the suspense! There’s a twist in this story I never saw coming, and as a reader - that is definitely something I love." - Goodreads

Putting the pain behind them is no longer an option. - A Father's Fight (Fighting #5) by J.B. Salsbury

18+ "With Blake and Layla newly engaged and expecting a baby on the way, you’d think they’d be clear of their worries. Boy, are they so wrong!
Author J.B. Salsbury doesn’t throw in any over the top gimmicks and plot devices in this fifth installment. It’s pretty stripped down to basic human values of love, family, forgiveness, sacrifice, and the lengths you will go to protect them." - Goodreads

Loving him is a losing battle - Contractual by Alice Montalvo-Tribue

18+"Another amazing novel by this talented writer! Every single novel that I have read by this author has not let me know. Contractual was yet again another example of just how fantastic all her work is. I was hooked from the moment I began to read and could not put it down. Finished it in one sitting, a little upset actually that it came to an end. It is a story about love, survival and second chances."- Goodreads

Darkness has a seductive power - Malevolent (Darkness #1) by Cassia Brightmore

18++ Cover Reveal - “You think you can push me like that and I won’t respond?” [...] “You’re mine. I won’t share you, and I’ll be damned if I let anything happen to you, Gwyn. The sooner you get it through your head that I own you now, the better.” [...] This man and his fierce possessiveness of her awakened a darkness in her she didn’t know existed."

The truth is in the evidence - Over the Line (Adirondack Pack 0.5) by K.C. Stewart

Cover Reveal- Someone in the pack isn’t who they say they are. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last that Tyson has to rid the pack of a spy. These are the people he calls his friends and family and one of them is lying to him.

When is enough, enough? - Make Me Forget by Brandy Lynn

Cover Reveal - "Just hearing the word 'sweetheart' makes me cringe. That term is not a term of endearment for me. It brings back memories. Memories that I don’t want unleashed and demons that I don’t want chasing me. I’ve spent years ridding myself of those dark times and I do not want to go backwards."

She must face her secrets…before they destroy her - Naked by Stacey Trombley

Cover Reveal - Now she has a chance to be normal again. Back in school, she meets a boy who seems too good to be true. Cute, kind, trusting. But what will he do when he finds out the truth about her past?

A new dare is taking shape - Stupid Boy (Stupid in Love #2) by Cindy Miles

I looked at him then, taken back by how his voice washed over me and made my skin tingle. I forced myself to breathe; I wasn’t used to being in this kind of situation. Guys just didn’t go out of their way to talk to me. I made sure of it. But I didn’t balk. I mean, after all—Kane was my potential reformation Dare. Right? Murphy’s words rushed back to me. Reform the barmy beast! I breathed. Smiled. Pretended.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A twisting, panic-filled journey through the secretive corridors of power - Nothing Left Sacred by Daniel Diehl

"NOTHING LEFT SACRED was an interesting, thoughtful read. The title was written by Daniel Diehl and his accomplishments and awards are outlined in the book. He is known as an author, writer and investigative historian. [...]
I liked the writing style of Mr. Diehl. Reading period literature (fiction or nonfiction) can often be quite an uphill slog, but NOTHING LEFT SACRED was extremely readable without digressing to a lower quality level." - Amazon

I refuse to care too much - Aflame (Fall Away #3.5) by Penelope Douglas

Cover Reveal -
From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Bully, Until You, Rival, and Falling Away comes the sizzling conclusion to the Fall Away series.

Kissing, self-discovery, a sexy bad guy, and some running - Isla's Oath (Isla's Inheritance #2) by Cassandra Page

“I was thinking about getting this as a present for your dad, to thank him for paying for the trip.” He held the object out to show me, a lump vaguely shaped like a curvy woman with her arms together above her head.
I squeaked and leaped back, my shoulder thumping into a hanging wind chime. Wooden tubes clanked furiously. [...]
The sculpture was iron. And I’d nearly taken it from him.

Will have you on the edge of your seat - Dreamer by Phillip L. Davidson

Cover Reveal - "I simply call it dreams. For a while they had gone away, now they were back. This time they were worse because I was beginning to lose grip on what was a dream and what was reality. Just like an angel Sunny was there to help me through them - that made me love her more."

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Music Time

Second chances and new beginnings - Rekindled Desires by Debbie Macarter

Cover Reveal: Rekindled Desires is a touching love story of second chances and new beginnings. Can two vastly different people forget their rules and take a chance at love? Fans of Deborah Bladon are sure to love this sweet tale set on a beautiful, Caribbean island.

If they don’t work together, they may be torn apart... - Savage Bytes (Hacked Investigations #2) by Sarah Mäkelä

"The clientele so far had kept them busy, with common requests that involved backtracking various network intrusions to their point of origin and leaving the rest to the customers. Others required mundane tasks such as verifying the authenticity of gray-market implants and other upgrades not sold in broad daylight."

Love. Devotion. Dishonest. Lethal. - Hell's Ink (Forever Inked #2) by Nicole Reed

18+ "I loved both Beautiful Ink and Hell’s Ink. Each story has a lot going on but it makes for an extreme and harsh ride. I could not put either book down because each scene made me want more. (I also want Mikey to get more, too!!) I definitely recommend these two stories." - Goodreads

Her greatest dream has turned into her biggest nightmare - The Queen's Gift by T.R. Allardice

"I hate those three little words. All they do is remind me of just how common I am. No offense to humans. They’re born as Commons. They don’t know any differently. I do. And I’m reminded every night when I sit down for dinner with my Preternatural family just how much being common sucks."

Action, adventure, and sizzling romance - Desire Disguised (Love Under a New Star #2) by Lynn Rae

"The anger popped in her head in a burst of red light, and all the years of fear, the stress that never let up fueled her rage as she lifted her hands fully intending to shove at Ben’s broad chest with all her might. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I have to be hard on him or he’ll—we’ll die.” "

Friday, January 23, 2015

Music Time

“’til death do us part” - Wedding Cake (A Culinary Mystery #12) by Josi S. Kilpack

"At the top of the stairs Sadie pulled out her pick set and got to work. Apparently, picking a lock wasn’t as much like riding a bike as one might think; Sadie felt as though she were all thumbs and the summer heat didn’t help as the sun at her back made her increasingly uncomfortable. She finally got the lock on the doorknob undone but then let out a breath of frustration when she realized the deadbolt was engaged as well."

An unforgettable lesson - Honey the Dixie Dingo Dog: Champion of the Strays by Allen Paul

"What an amazing journey for sweet Honey ! This book had me from the first page ! Very well written and is sure to please any dog lover . It definitely tugs at the heart . I find the American Dingo/ Carolina Dog fascinating and wish more people had knowledge of these wonderful dogs . My 12 year old son , Camden , read the book as well . He enjoyed it too and it is a good read for pre-teens also!" - Amazon

Right or wrong, I chose revenge - Vengeance is Mine by Kasey Millstead

Cover Re-Reveal "As far out there as Vengeance Is Mine felt, it also completely worked. As I was sucked in, reading along, thinking this could probably really happen. In my mind while I was reading, it was completely realistic.
I loved the twist at the end that I kind of saw coming, but not in the way it actually played out. I just had an inkling that this character was going to be integral to the end.
I really liked it!" - Goodreads

She needed a hero; instead, she got Cade. - Fat Louise (Biker Bitches, #2) by Jamie Begley

18+ "I think Jamie really shakes things up with the Biker Bitches novellas. She takes these tough biker chicks, and she totally turns the tables on our assumptions on these ladies. [...] 
What happens isn't an easy HEA, it's heartbreak, stupid pride and some very yummy make up sex...hee hee
Begley rocks the bicthes!! Keep em coming girl! I need me some Train and Killyama next!" - Goodreads

November Blue & Thompson Sisters - January Flash Sale

Have you checked out the Thompson Sisters? Or the November Blue Series? Both are well loved by readers, with combined thousands of reviews on Amazon and other online booksellers!

Background image courtesy of Csaba Vero

Trust, forgiveness and the power of love - Love & Other Lies by Madeline Ash

"As always I read this book with a big grin, the banter is often very funny, especially between Rue and his brother. A couple teary moments, which happens any time I'm emotionally invested. 
Love it, great fast fun read that will leave you feeling good!" - Goodreads

A promise is made. A tragedy occurs. - Jeremy's Promise by A.R. Talley

"I found myself sad, happy, crying, laughing, and having a difficult time setting the book down and found myself rushing home from work to continue reading. Jeremy's Promise second book in a trilogy by A.R. Talley is an awesome, emotional, romantic, highly recommended, well written story with captivating and engaging characters." - Goodreads

Will love get a second chance? - My So-Called Life (Love Not Included #3) by J.D. Hollyfield

Synopsis Reveal - "OMG…what a fun read! I already knew, I wouldn’t be disappointed when it comes to Ms. Hollyfield and her style of writing. She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to humor and love stories." - Goodreads

Is it too late? - Finding Us (A Nucci Securities Novel) by Debra Presley

Cover Reveal -“Oh, that’s so good to hear because you know the rumors are flying that he was seen in a very compromising position with a young woman with bright red hair. But I’m glad you think things are good.” She smiled at Abby with a wicked little smirk. Abby knew exactly who she was talking about but she also knew they were just friends. Kelly had introduced Abby to Sean. There was no way anything romantic was going on between them."

A dangerous game - Nobody's Goddess (The Never Veil #1) by Amy McNulty

Cover Reveal -"I can't tell you how many times my jaw dropped while reading this, as Amy surprised me again and again with unexpected plot twists. If you're a fan of fantasy novels looking for something different, make sure you pick this one up!" - Goodreads

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Real, beautiful, intense and forbidden - Withering Hope by Layla Hagen

"The ring will wither away before long. Just like me. Perhaps it's a good thing. No permanent reminder of me. This way, he can recover quicker after I’m gone. [...] He kisses me like he knows he doesn't have many kisses left. [...] I only want him to remember how I made him feel. Nothing more."

Music Time

A simple girl. A broken guy. One horrible incident - My Lea (A Broken Love Story #1) by E. Mellyberry

"This is most definitely a broken love story, you will be conflicted. Should they be together or not? A bittersweet story about love and forgiveness. If you read this book go into it being prepared, the subject matter is something you may not want to take on. It is gut wrenching but I think well worth the read." - Goodreads

Cursed or blessed - Short Bus Hero by Shannon Giglio

"SHORT BUS HERO is a well-written story with a strong plot and ton of lovable character. The overarching themes of tolerance, compassion, and heart of a hero are woven throughout. As engaging as it is touching, I can say at least twice I had to put the book down. I couldn’t see the words anymore. For a beautiful snapshot of a little girl’s heart and a chance to recharge my own, SHORT BUS HERO is a solid five-star, must read." - Goodreads

Because some secrets kill. - Monarch (Cicada #3) by Belle Whittington

"Belle Whittington tells a wonderful story of love and adventure in Monarch, the last book in the Cicada trilogy. From the minute I started reading I was hooked on this book. Its is non stop action and suspense throughout the book and the love story is a sweet and beautiful one. This book had me on my toes, crying, laughing and smiling". - Goodreads

His life is not his own again - The Devil's Liege by Danielle DeVor

"Absolutely loved it! [...] I enjoyed the suspense and mystery that was woven into the plot. The story was fast-paced and easy to read. The different twists that the book takes keeps you wondering what would happen next. The ending threw an interesting loop and left me highly anticipating the next installment." - Goodreads

We’re the greatest love story ever told - The Redemption (The Club #3) by Lauren Rowe

18+ Cover Reveal "5 ***** yet again!! I'm so sad this is the finale bc I am greedy and want sooooo many more books of Jonas and Sarah!! This is by far my favorite of the series and I'll tell ya Lauren doesn't disappoint!! It's a beautiful conclusion to the BEST love story I've read in a LONG time!! I loved going on their journey and I believe you will too!!  - Goodreads

The Billionaire Bargain (The Billionaire Bargain #1) by Lila Monroe

18+ "Aaaaahhhhh I need MORE!!!!!
This was a short, fast read. I started it and couldn't put it down!! I was laughing from the first few pages. I loved the characters. I loved the story. And the "almost" sex was hot!! *fans self*. I really liked this story. Like a lot. I wish there was more, I got to the last page and was like that's it?? I WANT MORE!!!! I need the next book, like yesterday!! Lol" - Goodreads

Enter a world of sweltering Aussie summers - Summer Series Boxed Set (The Summer Series) by C.J. Duggan

"I stayed up until 2:37am to finish The Boys of Summer to say I was gripped would be a massive understatement. I swooned, I cried, I laughed and then I swooned a little bit more. At 70% I had to physically put it down to wipe away a little tear after shouting a gigantic "Noooooo!!" at my poor kindle. I loved it, and then I loved it some more." - Goodreads

Dreams can turn into nightmares - Strange Magic: Part One (Strange Magic) by Michelle Mankin

Shadow and light. Magic and mystery. Reality and myth. All come together in a place where rules bend and lines blur. Even those between life and death.

I want my second chance - Beneath This Ink (Beneath #2) by Meghan March

Cover Reveal - "Con doesnt dissappoint. He is alpha and yummy and demanding and sweet and just perfectly CON!! 
Vanessa is sooo not what I pictured her after book 1. She is a mess and confident and weepy and strong and good with knee plants.....Snickers.
Be ready for this awesome story with twists and turns plus a perfect amount of STEAM!!!!" - Goodreads

The line between friends and enemies will be drawn in blood - Changing Nature (The Immortal Descendants #3) by April White

"This book was completely captivating! I was that lady who disappears into her reading nook for hours...no food...no interaction with the family. I was just lost in this world that April White has built...lost in it! [...]I recommend The Immortal Descendants to everyone. All genders and all ages would find great joy in reading them. They are fantastic, magical, adventures that have been written with great attention to historical and geographical details." - Goodreads